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Obsessed with Reality
11 August 1978
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Common topics include: left-wing politics, faith and religion, communication, and mental health. I looooove replies, so jump right in, I won't bite your head off.

I seem to be named for a medieval hangman.
“He rides circuit with the devil, and Derrick must be his host, and Tyborne the inn at which he will light.”—Bellman of London, 1616.

Guidelines for ownership:
I use several filters to determine who exactly I wish to show certain things. If you can see something, chances are you're allowed to read it. But if you see something here that is personal, please leave it here. I don't mind if people want to repost something everything in here, and nothing is to be taken, copied, paraphrased, or quoted without explicit permission from me, in advance. Permission can be had. Feel free to ask. Do not assume.